Neurolabs Computer Vision in Production

We help our partners automate generic object recognition tasks.

We develop algorithms to visually interpret and understand the world. Using images from cameras, our Computer Vision (CV) models accurately identify and classify objects of interest, helping computers “understand” what they “see”.


Our approach substitutes the expensive and rare real-world data required to train Deep Learning algorithms, with synthetically generated data to provide massive low-cost data sets in a fraction of time.


Our technology empowers both small and large customers to implement state-of-the-art CV applications with minimal incremental resources and costs — no coding required, no tedious data labelling, no image gathering.


Our technology is universally applicable across industries and scales. We help our partners automate generic object recognition tasks in industries ranging from hospitality to retail and manufacturing.

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NEW Reality,



The increased focus on social distancing & safety and health measures translates into:

  • Speed of transactions & reduced time spent in public places;

  • Reduced human interaction;

  • cashless society is a key component of the new normal. Over 90% of in-store transactions now contactless. (  

  • Humanless safe environment;

  • No more queuing in lines. 

  • Acceleration of automation: machines taking control over tasks.

Social distance thinking may be part of our DNA moving forward.


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